Understanding HVAC Issues

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Tips For Saving Money When Running Your Heating Systems This Winter

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If you are starting to dread the larger heating bills that you will get during the winter months, you may be interested in some of the ways you can save money. The more tips you make use of, the more you should be able to save this winter. Have The Furnace Serviced This is something that will need to be done by a professional HVAC technician. He or she will open up the furnace, clean it up, check out the condition of the electrical wiring and various parts, and change out the filter. Read More»

Installing A New Heating System? Why Choose Radiant Heat

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If you have the option of deciding which heating system will go into your home, you may want to think twice about using a forced air furnace system. Radiant heat can be much better for your home due to several reasons you may not have thought of. Maintenance You may be very familiar with all of the maintenance that is required for forced air systems. There is the frequent need to replace air filters, as well as many moving parts that require lubrication or cleaning over the years. Read More»

Two Possible Reasons Why Your Heating Expenses Are Out Of Control

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Keeping your house toasty when it’s super cold outside is an absolute must. No one wants to walk into their home after battling those biting winter winds only to find that they aren’t greeted with the warmth that they were looking for. That delicious coziness feels great, but it comes at a price. If you find that your heating expenses are starting to run sky high, here are a couple of possible reasons behind the increase. Read More»

Should You Have A Whole-House Air Conditioner Or A Few Window Units?

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Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature when the mercury is up into the triple digits can be difficult and expensive. Depending on where you live, you may have a couple of air conditioner options to choose from. Take into account the size of your home, how long the temperatures are going to stay high, the humidity, and who is home during the hottest part of the day. Now, consider the following options and go from there. Read More»

Having A Heatwave? How To Help Your Air Conditioner Keep You Cooler

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There’s nothing worse than a full-fledged heat wave. You can’t get cool enough, and your air conditioner needs to work overtime just to make a dent in the temperature inside your home. It’s times like this that you really need your air conditioner to be in tip-top shape. If you live in a region that experiences frequent heat waves, you probably know that you need to service your air conditioner before summer arrives. Read More»

Keeping Your Condensation Pipe Clean

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Your HVAC system probably isn’t quite as complicated as you think. Simply put, there could be several basic do-it-yourself jobs that will improve the productivity of your system. This is definitely true when it comes to maintaining the air handler. The condensation pipe, which is attached to the air handler, is also an easy thing to clean and maintain. This article explains what the condensation pipe is, and how to make sure that it is properly doing its job. Read More»

3 Important Spring Maintenance Steps For Your Home Furnace

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Are you excited about the arrival of spring? Have you been looking forward to being able to shut down your heating system and not needing to use it again until fall arrives? Even people who like cold weather may eventually get sick of it and start longing for warmer spring and summer weather. Unfortunately, this eagerness to escape the cold can mean that important maintenance steps get overlooked because you don’t even want to think about your furnace and heating system for as long as possible. Read More»

Protecting Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

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Imagine walking into your home on a hot summer day and expecting to be hit with a blast of cool air, only to find that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly. Routine maintenance is one of the easiest ways to keep your AC functional, but homeowners often overlook the importance of caring for their outdoor condenser unit. Since the condenser usually isn’t located in a highly-visible location (as the bulky unit can be an eyesore), these units can easily fall into disrepair. Read More»

4 Common Plumbing Mistakes That All Homeowners Should Avoid

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A home’s plumbing system is used all the time by members of a household, but many homeowners do not spend much time thinking about their pipes, drains, or toilets. Unfortunately, failure to keep the plumbing system in mind can lead to plumbing problems that can cause damage and require costly repairs. If you’re a homeowner, avoid the following common plumbing mistakes: Neglecting to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter If you live in a cold climate, it is absolutely essential to prepare your pipes for winter. Read More»