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Having A Heatwave? How To Help Your Air Conditioner Keep You Cooler

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There's nothing worse than a full-fledged heat wave. You can't get cool enough, and your air conditioner needs to work overtime just to make a dent in the temperature inside your home. It's times like this that you really need your air conditioner to be in tip-top shape. If you live in a region that experiences frequent heat waves, you probably know that you need to service your air conditioner before summer arrives. However, if your region of the country usually enjoys mild summers, you might not have been prepared for the excessive heat. Here are four steps you can take to keep yourself, and your home, cool.

Give Your Air Conditioner a Cold Shower

If your air conditioner seems to be tiring out from the high temperatures, you need to cool it down a bit. The coils and fan blades can overheat, causing your air conditioner to work overtime. Unfortunately, once your coils and fan blades overheat, all the extra work from your air conditioner won't result in cooler air. If you're dealing with extreme temperatures right now, head out and cool your air conditioner down a few degrees by spraying it off with your garden hose. Be sure to get the coils good and wet. Try to repeat that several times a day until the heat wave dissipates.

Get That Cool Air Circulating

If your air conditioner isn't sending the cool air through the vents properly and you're noticing hot spots throughout the house, it's time to crank up the ceiling fans. When it gets too hot in your house, your air conditioner can have a hard time pushing enough cold air through the vents to circulate through the rooms. By turning your ceiling fans up to high, you can circulate the air and cool down more of your home. If you don't have ceiling fans in your home, bring in a few portable fans and set them up throughout the house.

Say No to Housework

If you're in the middle of a heat wave and your air conditioner just can't keep up with the demand for cool air, you need to say no to housework. Trying to do housework during a heat wave will only make you feel hotter, which will increase your need for cool air from your air conditioner. Instead, change into some cooler clothes and relax with a cool beverage. You'll feel cooler, and your air conditioner won't need to be overworked.

Schedule a Service Call

If you've noticed that your air conditioner simply can't keep up with the heat wave, there could be an underlying mechanical problem that you don't know about. You'll need to schedule a service call with an AC repair service company to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible.