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How To Clean Your Residential Grease Trap

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The job of cleaning a grease trap is not for the faint of heart; it is dirty, smelly and hard work. However, if your home has a grease trap, then it is important that it be periodically cleaned to prevent backups and to keep foul odors from overtaking your home. Below is more information about how grease traps work as well as what you need to do to keep your grease trap well-maintained: Read More»

Build And Install A Removable Shelter Over Your Heat Pump To Protect It From Severe Winter Weather

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Heat pumps are energy-efficient home cooling and heating systems, but the outdoor unit should be protected from snow and ice so that it can function properly during winter. Excessive amounts of frozen precipitation can cause the unit’s fan to work improperly or even freeze up entirely. That’s why you should consider building a simple shelter to cover your heat pump’s outdoor unit during the harshest winter weather. Below is a list of tools and materials you will need followed by a step-by-step procedure for construction and installation: Read More»