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Why The Fan To Your Condenser Could Be Making Squealing Sounds

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Nothing is more unsettling than hearing a loud noise from a household appliance. This is especially the case with your AC unit, seeing that it's one of the most crucial appliances when temperatures are unbearably high. In most cases, when the AC runs, you'll typically decipher a faint humming noise. Hence, you should know you have a problem if yours is noticeably loud. Given this, you may want to understand various noises and interpret what could be causing them. Below are a few potential causes and solutions to the screeching sound coming from your AC.

Poorly DIY Lubricated Components 

The motor spins the fan in the condenser unit, and oiling it regularly will keep the moving parts from wearing out too quickly. On the other hand, the condenser fan will make a loud screechy noise if it runs on poorly lubricated components. You should know that a fan motor that runs on worn bearings pollutes the environment and affects the system's efficiency. The good news is you can easily solve the problem by oiling all running parts.

Failure of the Compression System

The fan's squeal may not be coming from the fan at all. In other cases, such sounds can come from the outside unit should the compressor fail. If this is the case, the coolant levels, and internal pressure increase when the cooling cycle begins, causing a screech. So, if you hear this noise, it's time to shut off the air conditioner to avoid total unit failure. More importantly, do not restart the system until you have spoken with an AC repair technician. This is because the Freon and the parts of the system that monitor its pressure may have incurred damage. So, let a specialist evaluate the severity of the problems and decide whether you should invest in repairs or a complete system overhaul.

The Belts Have Issues

Older AC models have a fan belt used to connect the condenser fan to the motor. However, this part has become obsolete in modern air conditioners. That said, if you operate an older AC unit, the fan works by pulling on the belt that connects it to the motor. As such, it can generate a horrifying screeching noise if it moves out of position. An AC technician can readjust the fan belt if it has become dislodged to restore the quiet operations of the unit and your peace of mind in the home.

The most prevalent causes of unit screeching are the parts listed above. Since they are all highly intricate, you need the assistance of an expert to solve them. So, the minute the sound becomes intolerable, you should contact an AC repair expert to fix it. They will accurately troubleshoot the problem, recommend the best solution and solve it quickly.

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