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Do You Need A New Residential Hot Water Heater System?

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If you need a new residential water heater system in your home, call your local HVAC company to assist you. These are companies that can help homeowners decide if they need new residential hot water heater systems put in and also help them choose the best one for their properties. Your residential water heater system is responsible for helping you have hot water in your home and if yours fails you'll have no hot water at all. This means no hot water for showering, bathing, cleaning your clothes, or for other immediate needs. You can still have access to cold water but any water you want to be heated will have to be heated some other way if your hot water heater system isn't working.

Do you need a new residential hot water heater system put in your home? Here are signs you do. 

There's stuff in your water

Pour a glass of water and check the cup to see if there are little dots or pieces of sediment or other debris in the water. This debris can be sediment that is in your hot water, indicating that the system is in need of either a flush or a replacement. Residential hot water heater systems may not need to be flushed out as often as commercial ones do, but they do need to be flushed regularly. Your HVAC specialist will let you know what you need to do.

Your water isn't hot

Do you not have any hot water in your hot water heater, even if you have given the system plenty of time to fill up again or you aren't trying to wash dishes at the same time as you do laundry? If you are consistently out of hot water, it's not just you, it's your residential water heater. These residential hot water heater systems fail to work correctly over time and can lead to loss of hot water or water that just won't heat up like it used to. Check the thermostat to make sure the settings haven't been changed, then call your HVAC specialist for further care.

Your hot water keeps turning off

Your cold water has nothing to do with your hot water, so if your cold water is working fine but you turn the tap to the hot position and nothing comes out, your water heater is to blame. Your HVAC specialist has dealt with this problem before with other residential hot water heater systems and is happy to assist you as well.