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Common Heating System Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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If you want to make sure your heating system works safely, you must do regular maintenance. If you don't, your heating system could end up not working at the coldest part of the season. Or your heating system could emit deadly carbon monoxide. Keep reading to learn more about common heating system maintenance mistakes and why each one is important.

Not Having an Annual Checkup

When your heating system sits idle all year, dust and other debris could build up in the system. This dust could cause problems when you start up your system. If you have a gas furnace, don't light the pilot before having your annual heating system checkup. An experienced technician can spot most maintenance problems quickly before they become dangerous.

Attempting to Clean Ducts Yourself

While you can clean the outside of your vents, you should leave the rest of the air ducts for professional cleaning. Air duct cleaning is a dirty job, especially when you don't have the right tools or don't do it often. Most HVAC technicians have specialized equipment and tools they can use to do a thorough cleaning.

Not Changing or Cleaning Filters

Clogged and dirty filters are common causes of many heating system problems. When you have a dirty filter, you restrict airflow. Restricted airflow can lead to poor heating. It can also cause problems with the rest of your unit.

Ignoring Strange Noises

When you run your heating system, keep an ear out for strange noises or unusual vibrations. If you hear (or smell) something strange, don't wait on calling a technician. These noises and smells could indicate a potential problem. Turn off your system until you can get things checked out.

Delaying Repair of Obvious Problems

If you know you have heating system problems, don't delay in getting them fixed. Your problem may be minor but could progress to something worse the more you use your system. Get it checked as soon as possible, or you could lose heat when you need it most.

You rely on your heating system to keep you warm during the cold months. You also don't expect it to make you sick. Without proper maintenance, your heating system will fail to do either. Usually, the best time to do heating system maintenance is before you start it up for the season. When you do it at that time, you can ensure you can use it safely when the weather gets cold.

If you have already started using your heating system, you can still benefit from professional help. Contact a professional HVAC technician for heating system maintenance.