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A Pool Of Water Below The AC Unit? Find Out What Could Be Wrong

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Everyone installs their air conditioning unit with the aim it will serve them for as long as possible. However, even with regular maintenance, the system could malfunction, calling for repairs. One of the most worrying signs is when your unit starts leaking water. Here are a few possible reasons why your AC unit might be leaking and what you can do to fix the system. 

When the Unit Has a Clogged Line

A clogged line is a common cause of water leakage on an air conditioner. Typically, the drain line carries the moisture from inside the unit to an outdoor condenser unit. When the drain line is clogged, the water lacks a drainage route and flows back into the house. Note that the drain line which connects the indoor and outdoor units might not accommodate good drainage with a lot of debris. Since your system can produce as much as twenty gallons of water per day, you need to ensure drainage is working efficiently. An AC technician will help you diagnose the cause of the blockage and restore the normal function of the unit. 

When Your Evaporator Coil Freezes

The evaporator coil is another fundamental component of your AC. If it malfunctions, it could freeze, making your home extremely hot and stuffy. Freezing happens when there is dirt on the evaporator coil and its equipment. It could also come from low refrigerant levels and dirty air filters. Since the evaporator coil and other hardware are delicate, you should let a technician handle the assessment and repair any damaged parts. The solutions to this problem include replacing the filter, topping up refrigerant levels, and cleaning the coils. 

When the Drain Pan Is Broken

The drain pan is a reservoir that holds all the water coming from your AC unit. The pan has metallic components that will likely experience corrosion, forming holes. When your drain pan is damaged, it will fail to hold water, hence, draining inside your home. You should call a technician to assess the condition of the pan and determine whether to repair or replace it. Repair works for minor issues, while a replacement is advisable when the damage is extensive.

These are the common reasons why your AC could be leaking water. If you need air conditioning repairs, you should hire a competent technician to assess the damage in your system and determine the best way to stop the leak and prevent larger issues down the line.