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Choosing A Mini-Split System For Your Home's HVAC

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There are many different options available when you need to install heating and cooling in your home. A mini-split system can be an option that is often overlooked despite offering individuals a wide range of benefits over other HVAC options.

Mini-Split Systems Can Be An Excellent Option For Older Homes

Installing modern HVAC systems is a common upgrade for older homes to need. While these systems will be able to greatly improve your comfort in the house, there are some challenges that can come with installing a traditional HVAC system. In particular, there is a need to install ducting throughout the house, and it may not have the space to allow for discrete ducting to be installed. Mini-split systems will utilize smaller tubing that can be more easily placed in these homes. Due to the lack of need for traditional ducting, the installation process for a mini-split system will be much quicker than what is typically required for a traditional HVAC system.

Mini-Split Systems Allow For A Greater Degree Of Customization

A single mini-split unit will have limited output, and this means you may need to have several of these units installed to provide effective heating and cooling of the home. As an added benefit, this will provide you with a greater degree of control over the temperature in the various rooms of the home. This is important for households where individuals may have very different temperature preferences or for larger homes that may have areas that are not frequently used or occupied. This level of customization can improve the comfort of those living in the house along with reducing the total energy required for heating and cooling.

Mini-Split Systems Provide Similar Cooling And Heating Output As Traditional HVAC Systems

One reason that a homeowner may not choose a mini-split system is due to assuming that they will provide far less effective heating and cooling for their home's interior. In reality, these systems can easily provide comparable or even better performance. An HVAC contractor will be able to assist you with choosing a mini-split system and placement that will provide your home with the greatest performance. If you live in a larger home that will need several mini-split units, it is possible to centralize the controls for all the units, which can make adjusting the temperature for the various areas of the home a convenient task.

For more information on mini-split heating systems, contact a local HVAC contractor.