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Air Conditioning Maintenance You Need To Start With Early To Prevent AC Problems

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The summer heatwaves will be here soon, and you will need your AC to stay cool. Thus, you want to start with maintenance early to prevent problems with your system. The maintenance should start with having your AC serviced before turning it on. There is also the upkeep that needs to continue throughout the summer. The following air conditioning maintenance should be done to prevent AC problems.

Start with the AC Unit

The AC condensing unit is where you want to start with early maintenance. This should include removing any weatherization and cleaning the unit to prevent problems with ice buildup in summer. There are other things that you want to make sure get done. You want to inspect the condensing unit for damage. The condensing unit may have damage from debris that can affect the coils, fan, and other components. You want to make sure these issues are repaired before turning on the AC.

Air Filters, Vents, and Ducts

Changing the filter is just one thing that needs to be done before the summer months. Other maintenance that needs to be done includes things like checking the vents and inspecting ductwork for problems. The vents should be open and any dampers adjusted for AC. There may also be issues with the ducts that need to be repaired before summer. It is important to make sure you change any extra filters that your system may have, such as static filters at the vents.

Thermostats and AC Tune-ups

The AC maintenance should also include calibrating the thermostat. In addition, you may want to have a complete tune-up done to your system. This will include a full inspection of the system, calibrating the thermostat, and checking the refrigerant levels. If there are any worn parts, the AC maintenance service will make sure they are replaced before they fail.

Condensation Lines

One of the areas that you may not realize can cause damage to your AC is the condensation lines. These are special drain lines that allow condensation buildup to escape. Often, the condensation lines are plugged during the winter months. Therefore, the plugs are going to have to be removed. You can also have the pan and lines tested for leaks before you start using your AC. This will prevent problems with condensation from causing water damage.

Getting an early start on air conditioning maintenance will prevent problems that lead to costly repairs. Contact an air conditioning maintenance service for help getting an early start on AC upkeep. Click here for more information or go online to see other resources.