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3 Things To Decide Upfront About A New AC Installation

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If you are planning to purchase a new air conditioning system, you likely have a few factors that will finalize your decision. Price, maintenance, and warranties will affect your decision, and you may have certain amenities you can't go without.

HVAC systems are built to endure many years of operation. This is why most people understand that their purchase is an investment. Even though a robust AC system that is properly maintained can last a long time, there are other issues that may prompt homeowners to consider AC replacement. An older but working system could cost homeowners noticeably more than a new system would. Because of this, you may need to take time to consider what system serves your purposes better. Here are a few things to consider when buying a new air conditioner. 

Your Involvement

Most homeowners have a budget for home improvement projects. Their budgets reflect how much they are willing or able to spend, but sometimes individuals do not want to get involved with the aspects of selecting AC systems for their homes. These homeowners may prefer for a seasoned HVAC contractor to handle all or most of the installation process from comparing to electing and ultimately installing their systems. Perhaps you want to be involved and know what to expect before you make a final decision.

Future Maintenance

An AC installation is only a portion of owning a new system. Homeowners need to be prepared for potential situations that will require a professional fix. New systems rarely have mechanical breakdowns, but if they do, you need to ensure that you will know who to contact. Some maintenance requirements may be governed by the manufacturer's warranty that will come with your new system.

You also need to be aware of future maintenance schedules. This can help you because a system that is at a better budget price point may require more maintenance which means the cost of ownership might be higher than a system that costs more initially. 


A new AC system will come with a warranty. It is important to understand what the warranty covers. You also need to know how long you can expect the warranty to last and what could void the warranty. Perhaps you have concerns about what will happen when the warranty period expires. A contractor can help you determine if there are options to buy an extended warranty for your new AC system.

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