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2 Simple Ways To Improve Heating In Your Basement

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If you use your basement as a game room or storage place for your furnace, you want to keep the space as well-conditioned as you can. If the basement becomes too cold in the winter, it could cause problems for your family, furnace, and home. Here are two simple ways to improve heating in your basement. 

Seal and Ventilate Your Basement

If your basement has doors and windows in it, you want to seal these openings as much as you can. Cold air from the outdoor environment can leak into the basement during the day or evening. The drafty air may force your furnace to work harder to remove it.

In addition to sealing your basement, you also want to keep it well-ventilated. Ventilation pipes can help direct odors and unseen gases from your furnace out of the basement. Some furnaces produce carbon monoxide when they come on. Carbon monoxide can be dangerous if it's confined to tight spaces.

After you seal and ventilate your basement, work on your furnace.

Repair or Upgrade Your Furnace

If your furnace needs any type of repairs, you want to do them soon. Your furnace will heat the basement and home better if the appliance is mechanically sound. However, problems, such as a failing blower motor and fan, can make it much more difficult for your furnace to heat the house.

If you can't repair your furnace yourself, contact a heating repair provider near you. A heating repair technician can check the blower motor and fan for cracks and low oil. Blower systems are designed to circulate and distribute heat inside the furnace. Oil helps the blades and motor shafts on the fan and motor rotate properly. Without oil, the blower and fan will stop rotating and possibly overheat.

A technician can also check the furnace's plenum for problems. The plenum guides heated air out the furnace and into the house. If the plenum fails to move air, the basement and home will become cold and drafty.

If the heating appliance needs a significant amount of repairs to work properly, you probably want to upgrade or replace it. In this case, you want to choose a furnace that can handle heating large spaces like basements. You may need to upgrade the plenum along with the furnace if you choose to take this route. 

You can find ways to improve heating in your basement by contacting a contractor for services such as heating repair or heating installation today.