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Keeping Your Air Conditioning Vents Clean

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When it comes to basic home maintenance, it is common for individuals to neglect the work of cleaning their air conditioning system. Unfortunately, this mistake can prove to be costly in terms of performance as well as the potential need for repairs. In particular, vent cleaning is a task that will often go neglected for long periods of time due to the homeowner failing to appreciate its importance.

Why Should A Homeowner Invest In Having Their Air Conditioner Vents Cleaned?

Over time, the vents of your home's HVAC system can become extremely dirty. This can dramatically increase the particulate matter in the air of the home. It can also decrease the airflow to and from the unit, which can lead to an immediate decrease in output. These problems will worsen over time as the material on the vents increases and begins to restrict airflow. In extreme cases, this dust may help to foster the growth of mold as the dust can retain moisture, which can provide for a suitable environment for a variety of odor-causing and even toxic molds.

Is It Necessary To Clean Both The Interior And Exterior Air Conditioning Vents?

While the interior air conditioning vents are among the ones that will most visibly benefit from being cleaned, you should not overlook the need to clean the vents on your exterior unit. This unit will be extremely prone to developing dust and dirt clogs as well as having leaves and other large debris collect on it. Overlooking the need to periodically inspect the exterior unit to ensure that its vents are still clear can lead to a major decline in performance as well as increasing the wear that the unit can experience.

Will You Be Able To Effectively Clean The Vents On Your Own Or Do You Have To Hire Professionals?

A homeowner may be able to easily clean the exterior of their air conditioning vents, but there substantial amounts of dust can still collect on the interior side of these vents where it may not be easy to reach. Furthermore, the actual work of cleaning these vents can disturb dust if extreme care is not taken. Due to these limitations, hiring a professional vent cleaning service can be an advisable move to ensure that this work is done thoroughly while also minimizing the amount of dust that is accidentally spread throughout the home. Many of these services will use a strong filtration system that can trap any dust that may get disturbed while the vents are being cleaned.

To learn more, contact an air conditioner vent cleaning contractor.