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A Look At Some Air Conditioning Repairs You Might Need To Keep The Condenser In Good Shape

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Your air conditioner condenser is built tough because it stays outdoors and is subject to freezing temperatures, blazing hot sun, and rain. However, the condenser and the parts inside aren't indestructible. The compressor is located in the condenser, and if it is damaged or fails, you'll be looking at an expensive repair bill. Here's a look at some of the repairs that might be needed to keep your condenser parts in good shape.

Repair Faulty Fan To Blow Off Heat

The condenser has a fan in it that blows across the condenser coils to get rid of heat that's pulled out of your house. This fan can get jammed, break, or malfunction due to faulty electrical parts. When the fan is going bad, you might notice loud noises. Another sign is when your AC doesn't cool your house very well. An HVAC technician may need to pull the fan out and repair the blades or parts in the motor to get it fully functional again and to help your AC work more efficiently.

Fix A Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant flows through the condenser coils and then goes inside to flow through the evaporator coils. A leak at any point in the refrigerant system will cause your AC to slowly stop cooling your home. If your AC is running but not keeping you cool, the HVAC technician will probably check for low refrigerant. If it's low, the next step is to find the hole in the coils so repairs can be made and the refrigerant filled.

Replace The Compressor

Problems in the condenser eventually affect the compressor and cause it to work too hard, overheat, or wear out. This might be caused by refrigerant loss, a dirty condenser with grimy coils, low airflow, or bad electrical components. Your HVAC tech has to uncover the reason the compressor went bad and repair that cause as well as repair or replace the compressor. Since a bad compressor often has to be replaced rather than repaired and the part is expensive, your repair technician may talk to you about replacing the entire condenser if it's old.

Repair Smashed Fins To Improve Air Circulation

Most of the air conditioning repairs you'll need to have done require an HVAC technician. However, fixing smashed fins is something you may want to do yourself. Buy a fin comb from the hardware store and use it to open up bent or smashed fins on the outside of the condenser.

Check the fins regularly when you go near the AC so you can catch damage to the fins and repair it promptly. If you have kids or big dogs that play in the yard, the fins can get bent if they bump them or throw a ball against the AC unit, so you'll want to keep a watch for this problem so you can keep air circulation flowing through the condenser.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning repair company.