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3 Ways To Use Your Heating System To Make Your Home Smell Great

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Your home heating system can do more than just keep your home warm and comfy – it can help to fill your home with pleasant smells. If you have smells that you'd like to conceal using fresh scents, the heating system is the perfect tool to spread those scents through the entirety of the house so you won't have to worry about any area of the home smelling bad if a surprise guest shows up at your door.

Scented Furnace Filters

When you replace your furnace filter, you can opt for the filters with built-in scent pads. These filters will not only filter the contaminants from the air before it reaches your heating system, but they'll also release scents into the air as it's pushed through the system.

Tip: If you like the idea of a scented furnace filter but don't enjoy any of the available scents, you can make your own by adding a few drops of your favorite scented oils to a small sheet of cheesecloth and attaching it to the outside of the filter. The one thing to be sure is that you're not covering more than ¼ of the filter with the cheesecloth – doing so might choke the furnace system and cause problems.

Automotive Vent Clips

You know those scented vent clips that a lot of people use in their cars? Well, those snap onto wall-mounted vents very easily. Then, when the heating system kicks on, the warm air heats the oil and releases the scents into the air – just like in the car.

Tip: Be careful with these if you have pets – some dogs may choose that they smell too good to leave alone and may attempt to eat them.

Scented Vent Filters

Another option that allows you to introduce different scents into the different rooms of the house is using scented vent filters. These filters snap onto the vents and filter the air while adding scents to the air. These are very effective in homes with pets because they keep the pet hair from falling into the vents and the scents battle the odors that the pets can cause within the home.

Talk with your heating and cooling technician to learn more about what you can do to utilize your furnace to introduce pleasant scents into your home. There's no reason your home should ever smell anything but pleasant if you work towards keeping it so. 

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