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Hidden Electrical Risks On Your Property

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Your daily schedule and the many activities of your family probably take up more time than your thoughts about the electrical wiring system on your property. If your appliances, lamps, security lights, and garage lights work, there could be no reason to think of the wiring at all. However, it's unwise to wait until you experience problems, especially because you might have currently have the below hidden risks.

Chewed-Up Wiring

You might be vaguely aware of activity in the walls or attic that you attribute to squirrels, or you might have had a mouse or two running around on the property. You might have taken action or may be currently be handling such problems without realizing that more is at stake than you think. Those animals are known to at times chew into some of the interior tubes and wires in your home's walls. That leaves frayed wires to conduct electricity, which is highly risky. Any time that you question whether damage has happened or anything has come into contact with the wires, a pro is needed.

Noncompliance with Town Fire Code

Old houses hold a lot of treasured charm for those who buy and restore them. However, as chandeliers are retired and outlets are put in by amateur restoration enthusiasts, it's possible that the house you live in today has gone through many changes to the electrical system that you know nothing about.

In itself, that isn't a problem, but the risk is that anyone tinkering in your home could have done so without ever getting permits or checking with the fire marshall. Your property, in effect, could be decades behind fire code and safety standards. Only an expert assessment ensures that all the wiring is safe.

Aluminum Wiring

Many houses which are many years old were made in the years when conventional wisdom dictated that aluminum was cheaper and as effective as other wiring materials. However, over time that was not borne out; in fact, aluminum can sometimes be less effective for wiring because of the ease with which it both expands and contracts. That movement, as years pass, can create loose connections. Each structure on your property should be examined for this wiring, and you might have to make a decision about whether to get your home rewired or not.

The risks on your property are not always out in the open. Working with a knowledgeable pro who is a licensed, experienced electrician can make the entire property more secure. Contact a company like Henry's Service All to learn more.