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Clean Your Filter And Registers For More Efficient HVAC

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As your home ages, your utility bills are bound to increase. You will probably see the most dramatic increases when it comes to your heating and air conditioning. Your HVAC is bound to become less efficient over the years, especially if it isn't properly maintained on a regular basis. This article explains two simple HVAC maintenance task that can help keep your utility bills down.

Change Your Filter

The simplest and quickest thing to do is to change your furnace filter on a regular basis. Most experts suggest changing the filter about twice a year. However, this might be unnecessary, especially if you don't use your furnace on a daily basis. To be sure, you can easily check the status of your furnace filter in a matter of seconds. Most filters are located in a separate compartment that is connected to the outside of the furnace. All you have to do is slide the filter out and check it. If it is dirty, replacing it is equally simple. To make sure you get the right replacement, you can bring your old filter to the store with you. The new filter should slide right into place. With a new filter, your furnace will be more efficient and the air pumping into your home will be cleaner. In the long run, it also helps to preserve your furnace motor and pump by reducing stress.

Clean Your Air Registers

Another simple and accessible maintenance task is keeping up your air registers. The registers (commonly called vents) can get clogged with dirt and dust over time. Dirt buildup is usually worse when the furnace filter is not also changed on a regular basis. Even if you clean your air registers from the outside frequently, you will need to remove them from the wall and give the inside a thorough cleaning every once in a while. The dirt buildup on the inside is the most consequential when it comes to airflow in your home.

Luckily, removing the registers can be done with a handheld flat head screw driver. Most registers are secured to the wall with just two screws. Once you have the registers off of the wall, you want to clean the backside and in between each individual vent. You also want to clean the outer edge of ducts while the register is detached. Dust that settles on the duct edges can blow right back into the registers once you reattach them. For more information, contact companies like Dependable Air Conditioning Co Inc.