Understanding HVAC Issues

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Investigate These Issues Before Contacting An HVAC Technician

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A hot house in the summer can be miserable for you, family members and pets. You may want to ring up a HVAC contractor right away, but there are some issues you can investigate before doing so; it could be a minor detail which needs to be resolved and you might be able to get things working. Read about these possibilities so you know what you might be able to do.

Dead Thermostat Battery

It might surprise you that the thermostat you use to set the internal temperature runs on a small battery. You may have never thought about that before, and that could be the very reason that the battery could now need to be replaced. Get a fresh battery, insert it and then attempt to manipulate the temperature in the house. That could fix the problem.

Incorrect Setting

Something else you may not have thought of is the setting on the thermostat. It's easy to accidentally switch the unit away from the "cool" setting you want, so take another look to be sure that it's set to cool the house before you call a pro.

Dirty Filters

Because you do not see them, the filters in your HVAC system don't immediately spring to mind when you're having weak air flow or warmer air than you expect. However, these filters should be cleaned every so often. If you've not been doing that, you have to turn off the system, get out a toothbrush that you no longer use and take a look at the filters. If they're full of lint, dust and other debris, brush them until they're clean and power up your system to see if the air flow is good and cool. If there are rips in any of the filters, take the piece to a local big box store and get the appropriate replacement.

Rattling Noises

Noises coming from any appliance can be worrisome, especially if it's your air conditioner on a very warm day. However, the culprit could be as simple as a loose screw. Look at your unit and ensure that all screws are tight so that they're not rattling around. If the screws seem stuck, some commercial lubricant can make sure the screws are screwed in all the way.

If you're able to solve your air conditioner problems with these tips, you can cool your home down. If not, you can contact HVAC services and let them know what you've tried; they can take it from there and ensure that your house is cool once more.