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A Few Tips For Caring For Your Home's Window Unit Air Conditioner

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A window air conditioning unit can be an excellent option for keeping the rooms in your home comfortable and cool. While homeowners are often keenly aware of the maintenance needs of a central air conditioning system, they may overlook the needs of window units. Yet, failing to adequately care for these systems can compromise their effectiveness, increase their energy usage and make them more prone to suffering mechanical failures.

Care For The Filter

One of the more routine tasks required to care for any type of air conditioning system is to maintain the air filter. Without a clean air filter, the system will struggle to get a sufficient amount of air to circulate, and it may become dirty or spread dust throughout the house. Fortunately, the air filter on window units is fairly easy to maintain as it will simply need to be removed and washed or replaced every couple of months. Typically, the air filter is accessed by removing the front panel of the window unit, but it will vary according to the make and model of your particular window unit.

Avoid Blocking The Air Intake

When you are arranging furniture and other items inside your home, you will need to pay attention to the location of the air conditioner. Window units have an air intake that is inside the home, and you need to avoid blocking the flow of air by placing furniture, plants or other items too close to it. In most instances, you will want a couple of feet between the air intake of your unit and the closest piece of furniture.

Keep Plants Trimmed Away From The Exterior Of The Unit

In addition to avoiding blocking the interior air intake, you will also want to prevent plants from getting too close to the exterior of the unit. While this may seem harmless, it can inhibit the ability of the air conditioner to vent the hot air from inside the house. Additionally, plants close to the air conditioner can allow insects to easily access the interior of the unit, which could lead to them constructing nests.

A window air conditioning unit is one of the more affordable solutions for homeowners that are needing to keep the interior of their houses cool. Once you appreciate the benefits of changing or cleaning the air filter, preventing furniture from blocking the interior air intake and trimming plants away from the exterior, you will find yourself better positioned for maximizing the performance of your window unit. If you need assistance with your AC maintenance, check with an HVAC contractor in your area.